Control, Clear, & Counter Knife Defence

Feb 3, 2020

Warning: This video contains graphic language. This short clip was from a SAFE International Violence Prevention & Self Defence certification in which Richard Dimitri is covering the theory in regards to knife attacks where the knife is placed close to the body. As usual, we teach principles and concepts rather than any memorized techniques as any attack is too dynamic to force anything a particular defence. If the weapon is close to the body, it is critical to understand the direction the blade must go to cut you. You want to keep both your hands as close to the weapon hand as possible. Understanding how to use verbal strategies along with useful body language may allow you opportunities to do that. You want to control the weapon hand with a death grip while clearing your body from the weapon.
And at the same time, you want to counter with your attacking of vulnerable targets. So you want to Clear, Control, and Counter at the same time. A continuation from this video is where we go on to explain and participate in drills where the attacker may attempt to gain their weapon back by pulling it away or driving forward with it. They may also try to win it back by switching hands. There is also the risk of them striking you with any free hands, legs, or their head. Where you want to control the weapon hand if it is placed close to the body if the weapon is further away and likely to come in like a stab or slash, you may have to strike first. To attempt to grab a knife-hand travelling in at high speed and control, it is very difficult. Knife Defence is one of our certification and training options if one has first become certified in the SAFE 101 and SAFE 360-degree certifications. For more information, look through our website. Keep SAFE! Chris Roberts Managing Director, SAFE International
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