Violence Prevention Training – Non-Physical Instruction


How to Recognize & Avoid Violence

The SAFE 101 Violence Prevention program educates you first and foremost on understanding Violence. We address how and why someone may be the target of Violence so one can avoid it.


Conflict Management in our Daily Lives

The SAFE 101 Violence Prevention program takes an in-depth look at your daily routines, whether in your personal or professional life. Through discussion and demonstration, we analyze the areas of potential risk and how to avoid or handle them.


Effective Verbal De-escalation Strategies

The SAFE 101 Violence Prevention program offers Verbal De-escalation education that is both practical and effective based on how conflict and confrontation genuinely happen with a focus on the resolution between all parties involved.

Regardless of which course option you may be interested in, the following topics are considered and tailored to the needs of the group, familyschool, or corporation we are instructing, focusing on the pre-physical aspects of Violence Prevention. If you want to include physical training, please refer to the 

SAFE 360 Training

Course Topics:

  • ✅ The value of our Intuition.
  • ✅ Display of pure confidence, not manufactured.
  • ✅ How to become a Hard Target.
  • ✅ How & why potential victims are chosen.
  • Social vs anti-social violence.
  • ✅ Violence prevention vs self-defence vs martial arts vs fighting.
  • ✅ Safe use of elevators.
  • Home safety.
  • Car safety.
  • ✅ Safe travel.
  • ✅ How to develop effective mindset to defend yourself.
  • ✅ Proven effective verbal strategies to defuse and de-escalate.
  • ✅ Fear, stress, and confrontation management skills.
  • ✅ Plus, much more!

Course Description:

We take an in-depth look at the psychology of violence from the perspective of the intended victim, the aggressor, bystanders or other parties who may be involved. We examine the relation of human behaviour to both social and anti-social violence, focusing on avoiding violence through environmental and situational awareness. By examining the potential hazards people may face in their daily lives, they will have solutions, whether teens, adults, seniors, corporate executives, or busy stay-at-home parents.

We take an in-depth look at the potential hazards in the following areas in recognizing, avoiding, and dealing with the potential for violence.

We can cater SAFE 101 or SAFE 360 to ANY demographic!


The SAFE 101 & 360° Violence Prevention programs give parents and families the peace of mind to recognize, avoid, and deal with a crisis or conflict wherever it arises in the home or away. We have several topics we address with families after evaluating any specific needs.


Seniors may arguably be the most vulnerable group who can benefit from our SAFE 101 & 360° Violence Prevention Training. We provide practical and valuable training that considers possible physical and mental limitations with an emphasis on recognizing and avoiding violence in their daily lives.

People with Disabilities

The SAFE 101 & 360° Violence Prevention programs will provide practical and helpful training that one will use in their daily life regardless of any limitations. SAFE International™ has worked with individuals with visual, auditory and physical challenges. As a result, we can offer education in a brief period to help one feel more confident and safer in the event of a conflict.

Corporate Safety

The SAFE 101 and 360° Violence Prevention & Confrontation Management programs will provide your staff with strategies to recognize and avoid personal security risks while on the job. In addition, we offer specialty programs to higher-risk professionals like healthcare, realtor, and various service industries.

Martial Arts Schools

The SAFE 101 and SAFE 360° Violence Prevention training and certification programs perfectly complement any martial arts school or self-defence curriculum. Whether your school offers instruction, we can add value through our world-renowned training.

Survivors of Violence

The SAFE 101& 360° Violence Prevention programs give Survivors of Domestic Abuse & Violence the tools to educate and teach others while working on self-healing. Survivors of violence hold an extraordinary place in our hearts. We have met so many inspirational people over the past 25 years searching for a vehicle to help others, never to experience the same.


Women's SAFE 101 & 360° Violence Prevention courses are a great way to spend a few hours with friends learning potentially life-saving information. So whether you offer it to your female clients at your gym, with co-workers or want to book one of our self-defence parties with friends, we can promise you everyone will leave with some new skills to keep safe and have a few laughs along the way.


The SAFE 101 & 360° Violence Program is taught to thousands of students every year. We work with elementary schools to high schools and universities. We believe that violence prevention is a life skill that every student should have access to, like learning how to drive or swim. 


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