My Number One Conflict Resolution Tip

Apr 1, 2020

One chapter in my upcoming book, DISARM DAILY CONFLICT – “Your Life Depends On It” addresses the power of saying, “I am sorry.” In conflict, often one person is accusing the other of some form of wrongdoing. One of the simplest and most useful ways to handle an accusation you are guilty of is to say, “I am sorry.”

A cute, simple, but example of this was yesterday. I was making my funny faces at my granddaughter, which I often do. She normally responds with a giggle and some comment like, “You are funny Guy.” She either calls me Grampy or Guy. But this time when I made those faces, she said, “Are you making funny faces again, Guy? Please don’t.” I said, “I am sorry, Kinsley.” The moment I said that she ran over and gave me a hug and said, “That’s okay, Guy.” Now, I am not suggesting in a conflict with another person you are searching for a hug, but those three words can be powerful from the simplest low level conflicts to the most severe. If you are wrong, own it and apologize.

What will my book DISARM DAILY CONFLICT – Your Life Depends On It be about? &nbsp “I can handle myself! It will never happen to me!” The truth is you don’t know when you will encounter a potentially dangerous conflict.  From low level conflicts to the most serious, few people are prepared to handle them. When facing conflict, you must know what to do so you can get home to your loved ones. Knowing this, Chris Roberts teaches strategies and how to assess a situation to determine the best one to use.

In Disarm Daily Conflict, you will learn how to:

● Identify the types of conflict
● Communicate in a conflict
● Avoid common mistakes that escalate any conflict
● Verbally de-escalate the situation
● Answer questions that arise in a conflict
● Deal with road rage
● Deal with potential sexual assault
● Read your opponent’s cues to assess the situation
● And more

While there isn’t a set how-to as each conflict scenario is different, this book will give you what you need to know to prevent violence when engaged in conflict.

As Dan Millman says, “If you face just one opponent and you doubt yourself, you’re outnumbered.” So gain the confidence today to face any conflict. Stay safe and return to your loved ones.


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Keep SAFE!


Chris Roberts, SAFE International


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