What is The Reality of Knife Attacks?

Feb 23, 2022

ALMOST 2 MILLION VIEWS! If you find this video on my YouTube Channel it is worth spending some time going through the comments!

This was my first encounter with Richard Dimitri over 10 years ago that really made me question what I knew or believed about Knife Defence Training!

What he discusses in this video is also addressed in our new Rich & Roberts Knife Defence Series!

What can you expect from these videos besides a complete paradigm shift?

The majority of knife defence training you see in videos these days is filled with confidence-building choreographed moves having little to do with the realities of knife violence.

More critical than any moves, techniques, or even the principles and concepts you will learn is to understand the emotional, psychological, and environmental factors that come into play in all violence.

In his inimitable style, Richard Dimitri pulls no punches to explain the realities of knife violence along with his handsome sidekick Chris Roberts lol

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Keep SAFE!

Chris Roberts



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